Warm Transparent MakeupAugust 23, 2021

Uh oh

hello everyone, this is my phone. The cool cleaning makeup that I showed you in a video earlier this year


may have been a bit more popular than I thought, perhaps because it was a bit popular, so

many warm-toned people also asked for this makeup. Fisher

Ridge Magic Gum tone will be right. So, I

will show you a dumb choo makeup with a tip that suits people with a little warm tone from the last time.


Then I will start right


away. You are well aware that the one in front contains the most

. This product does not contain purified water.


Usually, after cosmetics, purified water is in the front. This is said

to contain more than 70% oat powder extract. When I say oat powder, when I apply

it, it seems like it will spread very well or it will be a bit serious for 2 days, but when



I tested it, it was not at all. It’s settled in the


It looks like this pumped. There’s a lot of sashimi tree extract in it

, but it adds moisture to the skin

, so it’s very good for people with very dry skin like me.

It was Hometax. First of all, I use it once and apply it all over my face like this

. The

texture feels like it boosts the masking cream product a little bit more


. Apply one more time as if you were coating a contract on the part where you can.


Yes, I tend to apply the rest by connecting it to

  Denim Pop Makeup



the neck. Now it’s time for cream I’ll try it. It’s Ertin’s Regenerating

Eve Silt Cream. I did it right the first time, and

it has a very unique brand name that makes me think that I have come 1 cup.

It is

said to be a brand created with such a story to regain

. The most important and unique ingredient in this cream

is EZF liposome, which

acts as a protective film to prevent moisture from escaping.

The biggest effect is to improve dry skin. It is a cream that helps to give this cream.

Throughout my testing, I felt very comfortable on my skin, but as it turns out, it does

not contain artificial colors or fragrances



It was a comfortable feeling like a

mask or external stimuli. Your skin is becoming more sensitive and weak.

4 It

is said that it has a calming moisturizing effect because

it contains ingredients such as Abeno Shinira Base Complex.

I will use it for a foundation that naturally creates a







glossy look If you want to emphasize the skin tone, apply a large amount of foundation around the eyes or nose

to see 2 coats, so it is

recommended to finish with the amount remaining on the brush or sponge.



Next, the concealer that I care about the most these days, I

‘ll use a bright concealer to highlight it. I

introduced it last time. I really need a concealer that’s brighter than my skin.


Take a small amount and use your ring finger to adjust the amount so that it comes out like a stamp



  🍑 Peach crush Makeup



Now I’m going to fix the skin expression. I’m going to use powder on only the necessary parts. It


‘s the part that adds color. I’ll

use mascara with a little fiber to make the eyebrows look upward.



Holika Holika with Wonder Skinny Eyebrows

I’ll try the red brown.

I’m not sure if it’s still on sale, but I like to draw my eyebrows a little bit more these days,

so I think this little red brown color makes the overall look of the eyes look good



] I’ll try adding a shade.

I’d really like to try dairy products. This is a very easy to use and difficult formula. But if you want to add

contouring a little bit, you

‘ll like this product so much once you get used to





I want to see the color balance first


, so I’ll try it on with a blush before I put on my eye makeup. I’ve got a little bit of a brand here these days.

This friend called me and the colors are so pretty. I brought two colors today.

How about

two? Shall I dream? I will use my main color as an example in the middle,

and I will mix it with a feeling of changing the boundaries as an example


I’m going to apply a little bit of color in the center.


It’s very strange in the 5th place, it’s not a little pink, it’s not a coral,




pretty. It’s

pretty, this face is almost like this I went to the center and now I applied the May color. Now I’m going to apply a

  Charlotte Tilbury 10 LOOK Relay Campaign : The Bella Sofia Look

slightly warmer color to the outer side.

I’ll grind the eyeshadow paddy fields with gold glitter.


I’ll apply

it with cotton These days, brands come out with a little texture like this, but those who

usually say that glitter shadows are a little burdensome and that crab mats look like a top pair

are a bit more preferred.


It’d be better to do it

today, I’ll fill in only the dots first so it’s not thick.

Honestly, you can fill in only the central part.







now the eye makeup is actually finished, but overall, I

thought it would be pretty because she drew a crash to remove, so I’ll use bts’ Tay Shield Liner brown

color and draw something at the end of it


Originally, something like shading or highlighter But actually,

it reminds me




of neatness. If you apply it lightly at the cup, your skin looks very smooth.


Again today, I’ll go through the 5 steps.

[Music] With the

door, I prepared two lipstick colors. I applied the base like this

and layered it with a little 7-ear Remy b

that was faster. Then I

‘ll apply a slightly darker color to the inside of the lips. This is the first time I’ve used this, and


there’s hardly any change, but it’s

still pretty




. Makeup is complete

ah ah ah

uh uh