Summertime Lace LookAugust 23, 2021

Pak ah ah oh


hello Hello, I’m just making a rag.

Now that summer is coming soon, the weather is getting warmer.

Give it a point so that it’s neat and not boring. First of all,

I’m going to try

making up more. I’ll show you a better look. Let

‘s start right away. Before starting makeup in earnest, I’ll try using the

collagen peeling pad in Medi Pyrenees so that I can tidy up the skin


I think it’s a brand like that. I tried 3 of the pore-reducing waste products, and it

seems that I have not only confirmed the impression with all the effects of the new worm book, but also the author has

completed the test, so I think many people will be able to use one.

It is

said that it is a bar base for collagen and lactobacillus that makes a difference, so

you can think of it as a pad that can provide a little elasticity while keeping it moist.


Because the

size is large, this is really good for a white face.

And it is said that it is made of 100% natural pure cotton certified


as vegan.


[Music] You can turn

it upside down and arrange the stars inside the max.

Immediately after birth, gently wipe the entire face, and since it is thick, there are a

lot of children’s hauri left.




The sun goes down tonight and you don’t see a lot of redness.

Today, I’ll use this cream and apply it lightly.

  🍑 Peach crush Makeup

Let’s stick with it these days.




talk I’m going

to use the Kid Concealer as the next step to not lose in a fight.

Today I have a lot of Honjo,

so let’s cover this up


intentionally It feels like BEAST 10, so I like to use the base before applying foundation







I feel it

[music] What

is the book and why is it like this

and the bees are in perfect order

Now those who don’t put on a thick base makeup can go in the colors right away,

I’ll want more here.

I’m going to try using it on a moisturizing cushion




I think it would be good, I’ll give it 3 points

[Music] My

skin looks really good all of a sudden


I need to get rid of the matte turn g Oh, I don’t like science very much


[Music] Take

the concealer you just used and apply So that it soaks in very evenly up to the

back of the cow. Please be late. Then, my child

will receive 100 terms


I tend to use this

concealer quite often. It’s such a price difference, but when I asked about it now, it was a

bit wasteful because it removed a bit of the light.

Shall I only go to the essential main area, or should I do something about the whole department


? 4 Are you talking about

grapes? I’ll give it to you

, Choi’s spao is huge I’ll try Da Betty’s products





I don’t know what to say for my skin, but

  ✨Sparkling Dream Makeup✨ with Bitti x Colourpop Collection

it was finished with a light and pure feeling.

Today’s thing is going to give more points to the eyebrows and lips rather than the makeup side.



Even if you do, your personality looks different







I want to carry it around.

In the meantime, it’s finished with such a sporty feel.

Then I’ll try using the eyebrow pencil.

[Music] For

education, I’ll use a product that doesn’t rotate a lot of Canadian or yellow dogs, and I’ll ask you to use the texture



When the eyebrows are adjusted If the health color is a little dark,

I have a feeling that the impression is a bit calm.

5 4 I’ll press that.


Now, Aunt Cup will add yin and yang






Uh, I want to put a little bit of force in here today I push it so hard It comes down to the bottom

like this. Give it a try. You will feel different.


5 Today, a little bit more red I think I’m going a different route. I

‘ll try creating eyelashes.



4 I’ll apply muscara on top with a chunky look

[Music] It

feels a bit clumpy If I

put the eyelashes of the Mercure Piece upright like this, it’s just

like this.

Please cover it, it’s a good story when we turn around You have to

do it. It’s

really not. When you dig in and take a picture,

make sure you believe in rubbing like this with a lot of transparent gel like this. Again, we’re only 20,000.


I’ll give it a little bit of the reddish look because it’s the lips.

  'Mystique' webtoon cover makeup

Omit it. I’m going to give it to my class and besides.



Ugh, I like it. I like it.

I just used it as an eyebrow fence.

I’m going to take a picture of what I originally had from a cold



I was going to finish my eyes like this, but I think it looks pretty, so I

‘ll use brown for the dst shield line to draw a

doorknob today Something like an oriental painting is fine, but

I think it’s the first time I’ve taken it out of my tulle egg like this





Let’s try red lip.


I’ll apply the inside like this and blend the lip liner side


Oh oh oh uh




If I apply it like this, today’s makeup is complete



] Uh woo

to be