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Hi everyone, this is the phone.

These days, it’s really 1 11 Bury. Are you guys doing well? 2


I’m going to show you a cool, yet somehow refreshing look so that you can blow away the

muggy cancer. Let’s start right now. I’m going to try the toner first before I go in. The product I’m going to


try today is the Haru Haru Wonder E Black Miles Hyaluronic

Toner. The reason I picked this up is because I’m using it so well. As

I said before, an unreasonable version has been released this time.

If you use the version, the effect is the same, but

it is said that this is the non-yang version that excludes vegetable ethanol.

But today I am going to try the 2 original toner I showed you before.


It is

said that the effect is really rich. And because it is made with 100% natural lavender oil scent, it does

n’t taste like artificial flavor, so it gives me a lot of heart and it’s really good. As you can see, it’s


very sticky.

Because it contains it, it is a good product

to be used for the purpose chosen by those who have dry face, and it is good to use as a tattoo to wipe off



I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really really really like it.



It’s a good pad.


Yes, even though it runs a little longer now

, you can apply it all over your face so smooth. When you take a break

, it is really good if you take a lot of it and put it under your eyes or on a dry area.


I’ll try the cream next. Puno a I tend to apply a little cream before the moisture disappears

, but I

‘m going to start the Astra Shopping Icon soon. So, I

‘m constantly applying and testing now.

I think it

‘s not important, but dancing like this.

Actually, I moved these days, so my skin is very sensitive, so I

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I’ll use it better. Next I’ll use the Pau account

. Among home foundations, it is the most used and

most labor-intensive product. When I take it off after wearing the mask,

it feels like it lasts very well, so I use it very


. The skin is more

flexible and softer than it is, but the skin is foggy and doesn’t break down pretty well

I’m anemic I don’t know why it’s in the shape of a



stick I hope uh I was

thankful for the sponsorship when I posted the story on Instagram. Somehow,

I was very curious about this, but there was a person who asked me to tell



you about the review later.

If heat and sebum on the face are mixed,

this is a natural skin tone, so it gets stuck. So I’d rather just

spend the bright money


I’ll try a

concealer after that. I mentioned it, but recently

I’ve been thinking about that skill again, and I’m trying to repaint it. I really like

it a lot more than a brush.


Try it on with the sponge tip you heard about. This

is only true when using a pack-type concealer. Uh,

now I’ll give you 1 bread. Skin and all color fund. It feels raw right now


. I can’t fathom it.

I’m going to apply the blush in advance. It

doesn’t feel like it’s applied horizontally, but it’s moist because it’s already under the skin.



Can you please give


me what he feels like, episode 10 It’s really strong, it’s like the back in front

of the


pc I’ll try the product.

Yes, there’s a brush on the back, so it’s very comfortable. I’ll put it on strongly.


] Uh, Gyeonggi Gamma Mayo The

brush looks simple, but the principal looks good. I

‘ll have to eat it again.


Minute Conver I want to put a lot of stuff on it even if I apply it like this


Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh,

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I’ll apply it with powder.





Your nasolabial folds, your eye decks, and your droopy eyelids

, the powder that can hide the curves that don’t look pretty on your face.


Don’t forget that it makes you look beautiful. That’s the

feeling you want


. Uh, let’s move on to the



next stage like this I’ll put a shade of


I’m a bit obsessed with drinking products, but

again this time, while I was organizing my cosmetics at a restaurant, I thought it was okay to use it because it had a high tone, so I started using it,

but I put up with a product that fits so well


After picking it up and making a sketch afterwards,


Bongshik takes it off, then


[Music] After

that, I’ll simply apply eyeshadow.


Something is really missing here. I want to go to Sephora, USA and buy it again,

but I can’t go. I’ll use a toned-down pink to apply the meaning below


. I think I’m writing 1 I’ll give you the

front page


Seriously, it’s a little bigger, the plant is bigger, I want to take a test.

It seems like a heavy baby is going to fall, but I don’t dare to know what those 3 parts are. And I have a


few cells. To all of you who have this wide semi-audi, if

you know, please give me some recommendations. I’ll go there and


come I’m curious


It seems to be getting really well.

Now I’ll draw the eyeliner. The product I’m going to use today is Tony Moly E The

Shocking Vegan Liner Super Pack Thing #2 Shopping Brown



I tend to choose carefully because I am worried that the products I use for my eyes will decrease


. If

you use eyeliner around your eyes well, yes it is. There are people who are sensitive, so even those people say that you can use it with confidence

. And what I emphasized very much while I was live,


that the products that came out as zombie guns have very good success,

so you might think that the durability will be weak. The

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durability is really good I tested this a lot

and participated in the live at that time, and every time I draw it, I build an arm and do it well.


I’ll see it. It’s

not a brush with a divided appearance. It’s

a 9 runtime with ink soaked in a thick sponge. It

‘s resilient and soft. When the mucous membrane is filled, you

can do it very easily.


If you want to

feel a little more full from the front to the center once again,

you can stand up the brush and take a little coco between the eyelashes

. You can get such a very clean and indelible line.



When I draw the corners of my eyes, I carefully look at the angles



Today, I want to create a slightly lighter look without using artificial eyelashes, so


I’m going to put in a lot of effort with this color.

If you use health salt, the color will be hot again even if you take

one photo, the eardrum lashes are pulled out and dirty, but none of them come on, so that’s really good.





[Music] After

applying mascara like this, give the mascara. When the mascara hardens to a certain extent,

I use tweezers to tighten the 3 pairs and 2 parts like this to make them stick together.




Well, work, Hongdae, only I have a different feeling


If you do this, it will look very pretty, and you can use your thumb to use the black


lashes I’ll use the liner. I


‘ll apply the product after using the Tohoku Shimwon

Acceler Bouquet. The product I chose today is the ysl water scan, which

is one of the best

products I’ve ever used. It’s a moist type, but it’s a

color that feels like a water coating



The coating is freezing

, so I will wait a little bit without matching the room in this state

Everyone, it’s only been about once now, but the

leaves feel different


I tried to salivate, today’s ending is weird

. How can I stay here? Then I’ll write a makeup video.



] Uh oh

oh oh oh wee oooh



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