Non-smudging makeup while wearing a maskAugust 23, 2021



Hello everyone, I’m 4D, you guys are wearing masks well these days.

I always wear a mask every time I go out to , but my makeup is too much on the mask, so

I mix it with various products or try changing the way I wear makeup

. I’ve tried and tried a lot, but

I’m always trying to show the makeup of the mask I’ve settled on well and wear it well.

So today, I’m going to show you a makeup that you can try flashing without a fight. So today, let’s

start with the basics.

I’ll try


I’m going to make a room. I’ll answer you when you call for the night. I’ll answer you when you call


ya like this. Anyway,

I’ll try this product under a slightly moist toner.

And in the summer, I used rule type you a lot.


I’m using Toda. At

first, I use it like wiping

my back, and then I tend to pour a little bit more of the product and tap it to pot it. Return the product to the forest





I know it’s a 10 because I have to pat the toner mainly on the area like this to satisfy the moisture a little more. Uh, I really hope that you guys like today’s story. I

‘m doing it a lot these days.



I’m going to use a moisturizer. I don’t use a lot, but I pump it twice and

apply it like this





‘s see, everyone, this is a ppl product. But I have done a triple ministry of doing this. It

was originally a product that was rumored to the extent that 3 people in the beauty community went bankrupt,

but this is my first time using

it. There’s an essence in oil, too. I said I don’t use cream


I’m using this instead of the real thing. It’s usually moist and the finish is very warm.

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Also, the sun cream that usually comes out moisturized feels a bit oily after applying


It is very refreshing on the outside, not dry. So, this is a

product that I felt really, really good in terms of feeling. It

uses white truffle as a main ingredient very well


Because of that, it is said that it provided nutrients and moisture at the same time. And other

sunscreens have a function that perfectly blocks UV light on the breasts and brows at the same time

. When I apply sunscreen, it stops on the palms at first


. Apply it evenly over the entire face. There is

no white turbidity at all. As I said, this is a pure creek, it is very moist



. It feels very comfortable and moist just like applying sumo cream. It can be applied once again.

I tend to apply it one more time like this. It’s

finished with a natural glow like this.


Uh, what’s the pleasure after that because it’s high, but I

‘m going to try using a home cream to

make the rest of the color stand out. It’s

packaged to give birth like this, but it’s a product that contains dozens


This is another product that comes in two layers just like sunscreen.



It’s No. 1 of Life, but it doesn’t come out that bright. So

I’m not even issued skin, so I use



theory You can think of it as covering the large parts. Start by

touching the bruises in the eyes, and

then gradually climb up the part close to the mucous membrane to install it last.



Then, as if pressing, use the remaining amount inside the brush


to lightly cover the pigmented areas around the eyes.

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I don’t put it on my nose. When I apply it to the tip of my nose, the

mask is rubbed like this, so it only gets erased




I think that eroding is the blush step, so the next step is to use a cream-type blush.





I will use Cree Flush mainly on nearby areas. Since

this is applied without foundation, the cream blush does not mix with the color of the foundation

and comes up very cleanly.




The most important thing is fixation, so you have to apply the powder step

so it

doesn’t look old-fashioned. At the end,

I really like the fat c powder. These days, this is the No. 1 purple, green,

blue, and white mixed powder. It

is very transparent and has a very natural finish, so I use it very well.

Dry it with a puff. Applying it with a brush

saves makeup on the mask. After applying a lot of gruel and sending it,

adjust the amount

so that it

dries without knowing it.

I’m afraid of obesity and hate it, so

I can spray the fixer next. The product I’m going to use is the bt and rx

collaboration, and I’ll use the c setting spray



Now, I will show you the skin expression in detail here

. Although the freckles are a bit like zombies, the skin expression is very clear and light.


What I feel while doing this skin makeup is that the eye area is really comfortable.


Because it’s so strong and thin, I feel so much less dry around my eyes or like wrinkles getting caught in wrinkles, so

I think I did really well






Next, I’ll use the Rix Micro Brow Pencil to fill in the texture between the eyebrows


4 Uh



  My Fairy Lashes

Then I’ll shade the features








I’ll try the hawk’s color


After that, I tend to use two types of

eyeliner, but firstly, when I use a mask, moisture rises up like this, so if I don’t use a pass or something like that,

it can spread a bit. I prefer to draw the entire line with the liner first

. When I draw the eyeliner,


I draw the gap between the mucous membranes like a




I will also fill in the center of the mucous membrane like this. I filled

in the front part of the eye and the upper part of the eyelash kiel


slightly so that the introduction does not look small



Good for betting, but just

use any shadow You can do it. I have the color I want in this palette, so I

will try this product








then I’m going to put a little emphasis on the cheekbones here, but since I

use Aritaum Jebu, the

makeup doesn’t go over as a whole, so I chose a natural color so as not to emphasize the aegyo fat too much and just applied

it moderately.




Ugh Uhh


Now, the lips meet




It’s red and it

‘s stained. Then again, the mask’s stained opening The mask is moving, so

I was a little worried about it, but it fixed a little bit after




I applied it.

If you follow along,

you will be able to feel the skin makeup like this, like this, so I

hope that the staff and products

I showed you today will be helpful.

It’s bio in the next makeup [music] uh uh uh uh uh uh