My Fairy LashesAugust 23, 2021

Uhh hello everyone, this is Poni. I’ve fallen in love with Candy’s secrets for a long time . Today, I ‘m going to show you a daily makeup that I haven’t done very often. I’m going to start with the silver foundation. In the past , I used to use a lot of toner that I put on my hands like this, but these days, I use a padded toner like this, cut a little bit and use it as a pad. I use this cream a lot these days, and it’s a bit greasy. So I just apply a toner in the morning and apply this all over, it’s good to make a base with a feeling of just putting on make-up before putting on makeup . I didn’t do it, it’s daily makeup today. But I want you to try it, but I can’t imagine if my hair color is too bright. It doesn’t work . So I tried on an average Asian hair 3 0 wig. Then I applied a cushion. This is the fashion that I work hard on the most these days . But since the existing cuffs are quite dirty , I have to go out for business trips outside of the best with 5 votes, but I don’t have a lot of time to pay attention to my face while on business trips . I tried it, but even if I apply it the thinnest, the coverage is good, but it’s not bad as an oil. I forgot a bit. I tapped a lot of 10, so I became me today. The products I use while doing d are actually the products I use for my morning makeup. Among the things I have, I will compare them with similar products. I will try using A Pair Minerals Consumer. I am applying this using a water-preventing tip like this .

Please cook only the boundary part of the stylus like this. It covers much better than the brush. It doesn’t leave any winter marks. Everyone, I don’t really watch dramas. No, I hardly watch TV. But people around me talk too much about Pentus. I can’t participate in the conversation now. I think I’ve watched up to episode 1 of Season One. Comments Don’t be sad. I hate Joo Dante so much, but I don’t think he’s a Hand Earth hot-blooded person. Looking at it, I heard he said, “There are times when I’m giving you a cute baby.” As soon as you see it, it will be empty. The fight will be powdered. One of the eternal main kicks in my heart is Huda bt powder, the second is Givenchy powder . After mixing and killing it, take a breather, that is, apply it on the forehead first. After that , since there are a lot of cases where I can’t say the corrective makeup outside, I can’t make it thick on the cheeks where the mask is constantly touching. I put powder on and yogi poles are still a little shiny. The next step is blush. Those of you who have seen my makeup very well will know that I don’t use strawberry milk colored blush like this on a daily basis . When I sleep with this color on, I usually apply a lot of powder all over my face, but when I apply a light color like this in that state, it doesn’t apply . No powder here I apply it when my skin is sticky like this, and I apply it from the center of the apple, which goes out a lot, and spreads out the border . You can see the picture. Now that’s it. Originally, I liked drawing pictures, but I was moving and I was doing something. Now, I was putting my hands in the picture. But something moved and I was thinking about buying a frame. I thought it would be nice to save money if I hung the picture I drew so I drew it at dawn and printed it out and hung it. It ‘s really good for the price. I thought this. It’s written like it’s on display in a gallery. It’s an interesting place. The only pictures I’ve been trying to frame in an interesting place are only Bujeon, but they will increase one by one. [Music] I don’t go anywhere like this. That’s right, I don’t have time to do the filming of Did Me. Then I’ll put the shading on my face and then I’ll put the sound on the face. I ‘ll try to use the middle color. Then I will connect the shading on the eyelids and the tip of the nose like this. The makeup I’m going to show you today How long will it take you to go to work in the morning, please estimate the Saturday and Sunday because the cover is only 3 hours old 30 minutes 30 minutes You will be able to make it not long. Then, I will try applying a shadow, but the shadow I used in Ho Kas makeup before is still my Dale Shadow . I searched and searched for this tart shadow There is a similar color in , so I’ll try it today. This color is big, it’s probably similar. Paste it. I’m busy in the morning with this color, so it’s really different . I use a lot more products than I thought. I apply a lot of Clinique’s cream pop color to my underline. 9 This is a very strange color, but it is a slightly strange color that is neither a web page nor a coral. Why do you go to the shadow powder visit after applying an underline shadow? It’s okay if you sprinkle a little bit of beast like me . 5 What kind of games do you guys like? I used to play it, but it’s the game I enjoyed at least. When the game called ‘you’ are talking about, there’s only one thing to say about it, but there’s a game I’ve been missing recently . It’s not stagnant water, but I’m having a lot of fun [Music]

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In the meantime, the first shadow of the underline was completed, and this car raises the atmosphere of Khan Pearl. Like silver lipstick, I tend to change it from day to day , but these days, it looks pretty to use a product with a little silver tone hologram like this. Next time I apply this glitter type product on my eyelids as well. The color is bright and we like it too. It ’s like this. It’s such a pearly feeling. It’s really pretty, but it’s a paper so I can’t get it. I picked a product that has the same pearl feel as possible . It doesn’t absorb very much, but it’s similar among the ones I own. Mood eye- like eyelashes are actually today’s makeup point I tend to say it with words, but I don’t feel that way, but you have to curl your eyelashes with the 4 o’clock color very nicely. Ugh, then I apply mascara. Mascara 7 I haven’t changed it yet. I really like it 5 woo woo woo woo This is what it feels like when I finish mascara After that, I said that the composition class is the most important thing, but I put two or three pieces that I didn’t know about a festival like this . So I tend to put it like this for the next Nazi’s convenience, but it’s hard to find on the market because of the transfer of several silver products, so I searched for products with similar feel as much as possible . No, but I tried to choose a product that is as similar as possible. If you stick it in a little bit, it feels a little artificial. So I think it would be good to use it in pieces. The army is attached to the army, so I’ll cut this into four parts and use it. I cut it like this and prepared it. It’s 2 minutes behind the back, and this is in the order that it’s pasted in front of the eye . What does that mean? It can be said that eyelashes are unconditionally natural and pretty, but these days, when it comes to flower makeup, the fact that artificial eyelashes are applied to the military is very awkward. It is a pretty makeup. It’s okay if you put it on top. It’s okay. It’s okay. You have to place it slightly upwards like this at first, so it’s good to go down and adjust the angle later. The third piece can be attached to the center of the door when you look straight ahead Seeing like this, when I apply it to my computer, which is really parvo, when it is all applied, please bring it in lightly with a tweezer or something like this. I put this on the center of the mucous membrane and this is how the makeup looks like this. Next, I need to draw the corners of my eyes, but I also use shadows for the corners of my eyes. I drew them with a brush. I ‘ll mix it up and apply it to make a dark deep brown.

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Come to think of it, today’s makeup looks pretty even for people with cool tones, right? [Music] When the tone is lowered like this, even the awkward line connects the buns in a Bhutan style . I tend to draw with an e-liner product, but the reason I recently decided to do this with a shadow is because I used a shadow, so even if I pulled out my eyebrows long, it was too deep and natural. Try using deep brown color and try it yourself . It’s a bit different from what you’re doing with eyeliner. From the center of the underline, there is a feeling that it is slightly horizontally removed. The feeling that makes your eyes look slightly open is disappearing in the middle of the book . People who do makeup, and people who do makeup like me, use a mask to make their eyes look more gorgeous like this, but there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m going to apply this using the one I used as a lip liner in the middle of the bridge of the nose, and then at the tip. Then, after the money, I’ll try using the inner inner . The lip liner is also slightly different in taste, but it’s a very bright coral color. 5 I filter my hair Then, I will apply lip product for the last time. When I apply this, people ask me what I should wear. If I apply the uh technique, my usual makeup these days is complete. After moving in, I didn’t have time to decorate the background enough to take a picture of, so it’s not finished now, but I was in a hurry, so I filmed Kennedy’s faith. Even if not, forward I’m sure I’ll see you with my dealer Kim Il-ho Then, everyone, I’ll see you with town makeup 5 [Music] to be [Music] overcome [Music] Ah o o Yang deductions [Music]

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