Mute Beige MakeupAugust 23, 2021

Uh oh

hello everyone. This is my phone. Last time I used a more intense color,

this time I would like to show you a look with a muted 1 color calming look. Let


‘s start right now.


The product is

Haru Haru Wonder’s Black Nice Hyaluronic Turner, which is gaining great popularity overseas these days

. There are two versions of this. But this is

the original version with Chanyeol Lavender Oil.


Yes, the shape of you is not very up-to-date, so today I will try this best-selling product



This is a brand that comes out very nice and can be used comfortably without irritation. At first glance, you


feel it a little from the color, but the ingredients you are in

are composed of more than 99% of natural ingredients, so

you can use it very mildly. Because it contains a lot of hyaluronic acid,

it is good for those who say that their skin is very dry. And it

feels a little bit like a tangy type, so it is

moist and lasts a long time like using an

ampoule. And it is a perfect match with him The rice iPad that I received is

cosmetic, so you can take the lid off and use it with Mama.



It’s really nice to use this when you’re bothered by the flex bolt mask pack. It’s very


comfortable to sleep on after just removing it from your eyes. Tap it on the corner you use it very well for




this is chaff Even wool can sleep very well,

so I don’t know if I like to apply it thinly even when the weather gets hot all the time. I apply a moisturizing toner and it

  Glowy Spring makeup

gives me a feeling of keeping

it. I tend to apply it a little

thinly, not in winter. I’ll try that last

year, honestly, I’m more reliable with the sunscreen

I use, but I don’t know about the park special because of this shock, but I’m using it well on my computer




Okay, next step I’ll try the next lip

balm. Don’t you do this kind of entertainment

? I bought it because a friend said that I liked it very much. But when my friend just introduced me,

I said this. You really can apply it. You look very pretty. It looks pretty. My

lips are pretty. I also bought this with steam and tried it. It feels a little more glossy than the others.

I like it because it doesn’t have a special


scent. I

brought a container that seemed to go well with

the makeup look. I bought this and used camo when I was there, so I don’t really remember the 4 seal. These


days, I simply dispense it with cotton


There are a lot of

sponges, I’ll try to walk with btm’s and puffs of water. Uh



So the first time I used it the last time I felt it, it was a little bright when I first applied

it. But it immediately resembles a scan canister.

I cried


uh 200 shadows I’m going to cover it with concealer

These days, I’m using a small brush like this when I was wearing this eye


i think it’s ok

Cream-type application with such a small brush. It’s perfect for applying phlegm, so it’s

good for the part of the cake that doesn’t clump in the areas that are prone to wrinkles

  Clear Transparent Makeup


. Well,

I can’t take it with me because I’m afraid of getting burned here, so I keep it at home and use it


When I open it, it contains rosy powder in two types of horizontal complexion.


It’s naturally like a nice lister




uh I’ll try the drinkable products next time ah


] ah ah ah ah [music] uh ah If your eyes

are slightly protruding, you must touch them like this

I’ll try using the eyebrow pencil


This feeling isn’t bad either, but to give it a softer feeling today, I

‘ll take out the color of my eyebrows with eyebrow mascara


Now I’ll apply eyeshadow

. It’s today’s mute base.

I’ve prepared a palette for transplants that are a bit calmer than Wong Gray

. I’ll take a look at this gray-like color that I stayed with as a base.

[Music] It’s

so big I think it’s very intelligent

[Music] It’s an

atmospheric com name 2

Then I’ll try the eyeliner Now, when I know a lot of real brown liners, I

‘ve collected all the brown colors from so many brands, but the colors aren’t bad


I don’t even



uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh, I’m going to try curling mascara in Irish color next to stop eyelashes. I’ll use brown mascara by matching the eyeliner and the team

. studio

mascara I really like raw octopus these days and it’s mascara. People who like this kind of

bold lung mass will really like




The feeling itself is a bit too much, what should I say?

Anyway, I think it has a calming feeling.

So just to maximize the atmosphere I feel right now, I

‘ll use a d pen to give it a few more fatal feelings.

  🍑 Peach crush Makeup

So it’s a door company.

The impression is slightly different.

A crash of the heart.

Top 5

Next, it’s now the blush stage. I’ll try using a slightly nice color mauve product. It’s a


bit ugly, so I’m going to make a handshake

like this. I’ve grown up with a lot of luggage.

I don’t know how on earth to use this when I call it. I should say it’s a writer’s 10-minute formula, but

it’s the type that sticks in when I press it like this.


If you have my best TV, please let me know in the comments.


I’ll paint the whole universe with a brush. If I watch it again in Kenya, it’s our Super


Whoo. Would you like to call and designate me today?



Ah, when I wake up like this, I think the plus position is very important,

but today I couldn’t decide at Jet Sangam, so I brought it because I thought it would fit well.


The correct answer is Hilal, let’s go


Then I’ll use the product I used for Kou before and shade my face



Now before I apply lipstick, I’ll try using my you


] Uh



] Uh, I’ll apply lipstick for the last time, that

’s perfect The color I saw is um, it’s a death color, but when

I put it on I feel like it’s always like this, so I always carry it with me these



It’s complete

ah ah ah ah

ah ah over you




the w

yeah air

sucking is done


oh oh