kitschy kitschy ya ya makeupAugust 23, 2021

Chuck ah uh


hello is play. Do you all remember the time when you bought colorful note g of stickers at the stationery when you were young and used it to

make things look pretty?



I’m going to have to go check it out. The product I’m going to introduce today is the Beauty Plan

Absolutely Impressive Woman Return Cover

Cushion Season Six. It has a very pretty design that looks like it came out of a diary


I’m going to try it today in November

. Sexually transmitted diseases are really important. Time code is a big pot, so it’s not

possible. I’ll get the patented performance of a low molecular filler peptide.

So it is said that it delivers value to the endothelium and unnecessary amino acids and collagen.


It is said that it has up to 70 hours of cover lasting power. Call of

this level is enough

. It is a very versatile function, but I tried this and the

cover power came


back to the question. Because it contains a lot of 3 minutes of ampoules called galactomyces yeast, it


is said to help bright and clear skin texture. It also has a gangbang effect.





I’ll do it lightly. I’ll apply powder on the part where the color will be applied. Nicole’s fate is also


, so I’m going to try using a peak lavender color shadow as an eyebrow base because I’m

going to try it with purple hair that is finished with a little bakery on the part. I’ll try using an


pencil with the front eyebrows facing upwards, using an eyebrow pencil to straighten the mottled area and slightly change the esophagus






[Music] In the

  Fresh Floral Makeup

past, I blended right away while applying, but now I

first mark like a hand on the part that needs to be stretched and controlled like this, and then

blend it all at once.

1 story

this time sseo feels a little like this Even if my lips that are in second place are definitely like this, I’m not a bit of a supremacist in foreign countries Femme I feel a


bit like this.


I’m going to paint stoa 11 years ssl ssl rib palette

I’ll try using the roco fighting . It’s going to rise again. It went really well with today’s look. There’s a


Kika that’s the best in the loco roll.

I have a feeling it seems well made.

This palette delivered to the location says it’s not the first verse. It

literally looks like it’s parked quite bright. This first line is a matte color. The


second line is a matte color glitter with Jam Pearl’s red vinegar Feeling The third

line is full of glitter, and the last is a color that can be used as a blush.

It is said that if you divide it vertically like this, you can easily create two louvres.


I’ll use the glitter-studded candle color. I

‘ll pass the cooler 20 20 in the future. Blending goes well. It’s faster


now, so I

‘ll emphasize the cruise. 2 If

you blend it using a light pink color, it will be really pretty

. Use the glitter pink color to strengthen the color on the inside of the double eyelid



It has to be different

using this color I’ll apply

it to the cheeks. Now I’m going to try the eyeliner. Season 5 of the Iron Man 2i Rimmer Makeup

Set. I really like the design of the big cup, but the real

case looks so pretty, you’ll feel it, but it’s a cushion or a

  Summertime Lace Look

product of the same line.

There are a total of 4 eyeliners together with us. This time, as I

received the ppl, I felt a lot of Beauty Fit Root, a real raw grape.


This product contains aloe vera, 6 component extracts, and 3 gemstone extracts at the

natural rate. Apparently, the eyes are very sensitive and

dry parts. They are said to provide moisture and nutrition at the same time. And

this is a product that adds all these functions to Mot Proof Suede Proof and Makeup Pixie


I think it’s 14% thinner than the previous season for debut, how

about it? So I can’t draw more detailed and meticulously. It


will be finished cleanly with really vivid pure black.


I’ll see.

Now, I’ll use mascara to attach the tail to the earth globe.

On the day when there is an employee I don’t know the most, my partner is now monitoring and it’s really tough to separate


. Do I have to give it to you? If

you pinch the tail of the color le together before the roots are completely dry as if you are pressing it, the separated daisy will attach earlier.

Next, you will look at a different hey lighter.


I’ve been

to it and it’s a product that caught my eye with the 1st big glitter. It’s

a pity I don’t feel that waistline here, so I’ll add shading


now. It’s my turn

. I’ll try to use the bait for that product by tricking rs 101 of Lipstick Nowhere 4 in s plastic

. When I say chicken, I get the feeling of a cover or sticker.


Because it is contained, it is

a product that provides a very clear and transparent contact film like Julia of steel. It


is said that there is a 5 viscosity paste and a signal g2 of low viscosity oil


It’s too early to worry about it falling off, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off because it’s

  My Fairy Lashes

too early




I’ll finish the stain using



It’s a tattoo sticker. There is a brand original line. And

lettering tattoos or custom designs are also possible up to the artist line.

I’m going to try the Pure Putter design today.


Like make-up, it’s

pretty and symmetrical. Rather than just decorating a diary,

it’s a bit of a crayfish. I’m going to try to put a little here and there.






What does this do? To make it more durable and natural,

I’ll try using a matte fixer.

This fiction contains Centella asiatica extract, so it’s

okay to use it on sensitive skin. They say it’s okay because it adds moisture and has a soft

finish, so it immediately

blows away the stickiness. I’m going to finish the tattoo sticker like this


I’ve been doing this once, I’ll mix the sides evenly




and stick it on my face. I’d like to do a secondary game. What should I do? It’s a pc too wide 5 4 Ummm b I’m putting it together with China, but I’m having a hard time right now I’m like a mop

How and why it’s so good I’m

going to stick it until here I’ll put a sticker on it I finished my makeup.

Something I was looking forward to earlier, something vintage but not hitch. Then, makeup will

be king. I’ll see you

next time with a fun makeup look.