Fresh Floral MakeupAugust 23, 2021


Hello everyone, this is 4d. Today,

I am going to show you a floral makeup in a clear flash with a slight purple light.

Uh, many people think that purple is a slightly difficult color to use.


Absolutely not, it is a very attractive color. Depending on how you express it,

it’s a color that you can wear on a daily basis.

I hope you find it helpful by looking at the makeup I’m showing you today. Then I

‘ll start with this floral makeup.

Now I’m going to go into makeup. I

‘m going to start putting on the skin makeup. I’ll cover the

green corrector lock on the side of the fire a little first




It feels a little yellow around here, I’ll use this ping full color to

arrange it on the 846 tooth.



Now, in the middle of this [music], I’ll apply the overall fashion using of course that matches my skin tone.

Distribute the cushions on the wide part of the face first. I


‘ll use concealer to cover up the remaining blemishes.

I’m covering the eye bag right now. Ah 200 is actually

visible because of the shadows.

Even if you use the concealer well, you can use it to some extent.


Now, I will use powder to fix the skin expression

. The weather is still a bit cold to make the skin matte overall, so

I will use a brush to apply the powder partially.



After meticulously making it glossy,

press down on the eyebrow makeup so that it cannot be easily removed.

  Glowy Spring makeup

Then, apply the creation to the tip of the brush and

apply powder as if you

were dipping it underneath. I

‘ll apply powder around the rim nine, which spreads easily.

Now it’s my turn for eyebrows. White Paper Phone I’m going to use this unregistered product that I use well these days

to draw eyebrows with the texture of the eyebrows alive.


I drew

Harura timidly and not boldly using

a 19 10

like this. If I draw eyebrows mainly to enhance the texture in this way, when I do this clear

makeup, I feel like it gives a slightly more subtle look to my eyes.

So I fixed it first these days.

Ugh, now I’m going to give you a shade for the entire feature

. I’ll try to use it for you.

So these days, the shading method has changed a bit, and I tend to express the shadows under the nose in a darker


way. It’s a gentle

spread of inspiration. Laughter,

followed by the male part. Magpie

5. Then it’s the point of today’s makeup. It’s my shadow’s turn

. I’ll try using Dear Dahlia

product. The concept itself for this product is called the Blooming Edition Secret Garden Palette. So

, it is said that he was inspired by the North Sea, which is placed in a very beneficial secret flower garden.


So, if I were to show you the beans, the color was really bright and beautiful to fit the theme.



Not only the color but also this mosaic glitter color that you can see in the middle is included,

  summer spark ✨ soda pop makeup look

so you can enjoy a very rich and bright ss makeup with this one palette.



It is a prestige vegan beauty brand that excludes 100% of raw materials.

As the name suggests,

it is inspired by the p Dali sheet music. So

, the octagonal shape inspired by flowers is impressive.

One Not only with the Armed Forces, but now in foreign countries, it is


tang brand that finally becomes a dahlia, and it is said that there is an antioxidant effect because the brand name and the package, as well as the raw material,

and the extract are included



First, I’ll apply this bright ivory-colored shadow over the

eyelids. The point is to apply it widely.


Uh, then I’ll mainly use the 2 pink color on the front part of the eyelids.


Next, I’ll apply this purple-like color to the back of the lid. Uh, I’ll


use a brown mosaic glitter on my hand to emphasize the harsh feeling on the front of the eyelid.




Today, I want to emphasize the mascara a little more than the eyeliner to bring out the clear feeling,

so I apply the mascara first and then partially fill the



eyeliner. I’ll try using mascara. I’ll use

Missha’s brown eyeliner for the eyeliner.

First, I’ll fill in the mucous membranes.

Then, I’ll fill in only the front part of the snowflake so as not to get too much feeling and 2 shadow color on these eyelashes.


Make your eyebrows not too long, just a little

  Charlotte Tilbury 10 LOOK Relay Campaign : The Bella Sofia Look

5 once again, using the Idea Dahlia Palette to finish the face makeup, using a light


purple color blush that covers under the eyes like this,

it gives a bright feeling.

I’m going to apply this eyeshadow color to the center this year. If I cut the area like this

and apply a different color, you can create such a bright

production that you can feel the petals standing.

This time I’ll use a highlighter to emphasize the volume a little more.

The lighter is the color in the front






[ [Music

] Uh, now I’m going to make a lip in a color that has a slight plum pitch.



Uh If you apply it like this, today’s makeup is complete Uh uh uh

we 5



lee woo woo woo