Denim Pop MakeupAugust 23, 2021


Hello everyone, I’m Tony. Today, I want to do callo franc makeup for

a while, so I’m going to use various colors to emphasize eye makeup


like this I’m going to show you this

right now. At the book level, I’ll apply lip balm without forgetting it.



I don’t know why I stay up all night every time I drive a car.



try using the btm sponge, I’ll try using the puff


When I do this, my complexion suddenly looks okay,

yeah yeah I’m shy




I’ll try using Juvia’s foundation to smash it.

C Lee definitely reacts to Juvias. I did Juviasvamation again.

I did this with

Ike gum. I’ll

use it one more time,

so I don’t rub this slightly high pigment product like this. It’s important to pat


me without a hitch. Oh, I won. Well,

you guys, I know why you’re so black. It was like filming in the sun all day.

So I came here with a top and I took it. What is a jacket and a top?






Originally, I had to save the texture of the eyebrows before doing the fight, but

I forgot. I’m going

to set them up right now to get the lip balm


I want to draw slightly arched eyebrows today I’ll erase all the research a

bit and look at the shape a little higher


Now I’ll draw the eyebrows according to the hair color with an old eyebrow pencil


Then use the press powder to fix the skin

makeup This little matte look So, rather than applying too much matte, I

‘m using a brush that just removes the shine


Next, I’ll give you a name for your features


  kitschy kitschy ya ya makeup



Now, I’m going to do the steps with the eye shadow that will be the highlight. The

product I’m going to try is the fantasy palette of the brand called Game Beauty


After searching and doing some searching, the brand name Game Beauty is

a specialized brand for fashion and beauty in video games.



It is said that it was made with a lot of .





Because it is not available in

1, that is, if you find it, it is a no-cut. If you look at it, it

is composed of 10 colors, starting with the basic color of this pastel tone, and it is composed of a lot of different shades, from the basic color of this pastel tone to the

shade with very shiny hair

. And now I don’t just look at these product names, but I

think package design and color names are also very interesting elements, so I tend

to look closely, but the color names are in English that appear a lot in the game

. I think the same column 0 is a very

interesting element. So today,

I will show you the feeling of being loosed when you wear a ninja kill. Because of that, I will

use a blue shade as the main 5. First of all, here is the blue buff color.

Apply the main color using I’ll put a pair of notes first, the

color develops really well so that the double eyelid line comes up with your eyes open

[Music] How


much will you like this album when you go on a stick like this.



When using a color like this, you just have to be bold because

if you put on artificial eyelashes, it will become



something sooner or

later. Look, I think it’s all there

  Coat & Flattering Makeup Combination


Next, I’ll use this deep indigo shadow called Courage to give

more inspiration to the inside of

this one. The brown color is really, really, really pretty.


ah ah ok cancer has gone

ah here you are a butterfly I’m still pretty 4 But I’ve already heard


Then, I’ll go to the empty part here and give you a little blue-green glitter


. It’s pretty,

there’s a little bit of light here, so it’s only here that it feels like pvc.

Then there’s a super white color big pole. I

think if you take this in front of your eyes, you’ll have a great sense of brim




um 5, a

fish that can do it Yes, it suits you very well.

Next, I’ll apply a warm color from the top or the opposite color

under my eyes to give it a more shattered look

. I’ll apply the

underline using

. Finally, the name is pretty. I’ll use a little cool pink shade called Dreamland

and connect it to the back.


I’ll finish the shadow like this

. Then I’ll cover everything. I’ll try attaching the race eyebrows



I’ll use the bts Tay Shield Rhymer Black color first to place the docking.


Neatly along the back of the eyebrows 2 The pen is a bit inexperienced For those who want to try it out and want to draw it in a completely awkward and shaky way,

just unconditionally the corruption of Luffy g.


you do this all the time, you will be able to draw very smoothly.





I’ll apply mascara this time. I’ll tell you to press the mascara all the way down to the ends of the artificial eyelashes so that the mascara doesn’t clump together

  Fresh Floral Makeup



Even the same mascara can be created in many different ways. Skills and

applicator If you find the perfect synergy in this texture,

you will probably meet the mascara of your life someday.


Now, the eye makeup is finished.

I’ll try using baby pink color


I think I’m drawing something unusually

today. Ah, nodding. We’re impressed these days, too, so we’re waiting for a picture.


So we do it a little bit with a.

There is a code that can communicate with the inner product like this. It’s a

real team.

Now there’s a highlight left because of shading, but I’ll quickly apply this one again


Taek, even though you look a little hippie, there’s something nice Can you see

this? Hole


Something about your self-satisfaction Come secretly like this

Hey, the sound of the door is coming from behind the camera


Now I’m going to do lip makeup, I’ll use lip liner to correct the lip line


There are two unresolved mysteries But why does the

eyebrow pencil always have a lid

? Does the second lip liner fence always have a lid? A more delicious comment.


I will choose a


lip color. Would it be better for me to be natural? Ah ah ah me 2 Mention I’m sure it’ll be okay My eyes

are dark, so give it to me

Glitter has a bit of star cling and I want to layer it at all.







[Music] If

you remove u2, today’s makeup is

complete Uh huh yea wo wo wo de