Daily Simple MakeupAugust 23, 2021


hello everyone,

this is my phone. A lot of people think that my makeup will look gorgeous

. Uh, there is a separate room for putting on


I really only put a few cosmetics in the box and I tend to go back and forth with it.

Because it’s Corona, I think there are a lot of people who go to work with something simple, so

I’ll show you a daily makeup that I hoped for.



I’m going to try Dr. Olga’s premium sun protection cream step by step.

First of all, this product has SPF50 plus PA plus three ain’t UV protection. As

I read the

description, it says that it lasts for 50 hours.

It is said that the planetary test has also been completed. When I picked this up,

I got a feeling that it adheres to the skin like this, and it feels very soft and moist.


I thought it was a good formula for use all year round.


It caught my eye very much, and it is said that Aloe Base Air

contains 10% of organic ingredients such as jojoba seed oil, Centella asiatica extract, etc.

, and it is a 100% nano-inorganic sunscreen containing 74% of natural ingredients


. Beauty Award Winner Cream Lotion at Hwahae It

is a product that was selected as the number one in the category. According to the Ministry of Food and Drug

Safety, it is a safe product that consists of good ingredients that exclude these ingredients, so

it seems to be a product that can be applied with a little

  summer spark ✨ soda pop makeup look

bit. Because it lifts,

it is a product that finishes with traces of forestry c.

So it is a good product to use if you simply do not want to apply sunscreen for skin makeup or

you need basic sunscreen before foundation


There is a

natural tone-up function that raises the external rooter by 1 to 1.5 times. The foundation is short-lived. The product I will use now

is a whitening cream. This is a natural cushion, it feels like a mixture of two, so it was


very fresh.

I’ll try

it. There are 4 colors right now.

01 Cheap Four Celine 019 Blossom Labyrinth Big Down

021 App It consists of E. The product concept goes well with this makeup look


But 2 Cool Source is a product that concentrates on moisturizing the foundation and saving the skin and




Just putting it on your face and applying it right away gives you a feeling of moisture and a

feeling that it glides on your skin as it bursts like this, so you can express it in the most beautiful




It looks like it’s happening, but my hair keeps coming in close contact, so it’s like I’m wearing a

whitening cream, but my skin is


slightly retouched and it’s very strange and pretty.

Uh, the

color is not too sticky, not too surprised,

it’s a newton that looks a little calm, so it seems suitable for any skin.



I think it would be good for people who are tired

of everything. These days, as they use masks all the time

  🍑 Peach crush Makeup

, I think a foundation that is perfect for those who want to express light and transparent skin without getting up


If you have a mask, you look very good here,

so I do simple makeup, but I use




Example 5

After that, I tend to use this nude to make my


eyebrows look better

It’s the only step before the brush is used in ‘

Oh, but as I was filming, the steps were just right. I’m sorry, but yes,

this is a simple make-up for me. Anyway, I’ll pluck my eyelashes in rs color. I

always use brown mascara for my daily makeup.

It’s a

little bit simpler than what I usually do, it feels a little out of balance if I go down to the bottom,

so I just apply it neatly on the

top. Next, I’m going to apply the


I like over lip and I tend to use a lip pencil no matter how simple it

is. When it comes to

lipstick, I keep picking up products I like from the dressing table every cycle and putting them in the box


. This is

[Music] With the

same product


Oh, I have already finished everything. Why are many people not really good at makeup these days, so many people

asked for synchronized makeup, so I took this photo today.

What is the daily makeup routine inside of you?

It would be great if you could share what it is


Then I’ll see you again with a different makeup. Uh


oh oh oh oh