Coat & Flattering Makeup CombinationAugust 23, 2021


Uhhhhhhhhhhhh 3 Everyone, this is your phone.

Today, I’m going to tell you about makeup that looks good when you wear a coat.

Well, the warm feeling you get from Jack. It doesn’t end, it’s a bit matte

. Bank is going to show you a feeling that has flowed.

I’ll start right away. I’ve been wearing a dark colored wig.

There aren’t many people who wear pink hair in the National Assembly,

so I wore a wig to make it easier to apply


. I said that the old version, this expression is much prettier, but

something seems to have changed with the change, but the more I wear this,

the more I keep using it, the only thing that has changed is the


However, the finishing expression is the same. On the contrary, it is moist when applied, so it is

easy to apply

a lip balm. Ah


Now I am going to apply


I’ll see what I’m using for the first time today I made bread lei on my hands, but the sponge is not wet


I’ll bring Scan 7 in this position. It’s a

bit thin, so it’s a disaster I’ve been waiting for.



‘ll give you a naver ring


Oh well, I’ve applied it in two thin layers now, but the brilliance expression seems to be pretty,

but it doesn’t have much coverage



I’ll try using

a concealer on this stick-type concealer, but it has good coverage, but it’s hard to apply,

but it leaves a good

  Warm Transparent Makeup



Only the inner part of the first heart is like this You can attack it by tapping it.

Next time, I

‘m going to tap it again with the border part. And with the remaining amount on the brush,

lightly wipe the quiet part



9 I’ll cover the blood vessels in the dead part as well.

To save it, I

‘ll cover the expression of the skin with the Blow 1

matte. Yes, now that the inside is moist, it will be in the early stages. I

‘ll just apply the powder very thinly with a brush to get rid of the room





I’ll use the Lodi 10 product to give it to you.

So first, I’ll fill in the clean looking eyebrows as a whole.


Next time, hyung also has the same symptoms,


ah ah




I will refine the placement with a webtoon writing pencil.



I’ll try this product for the shadow on [Music] 13. I

think the two colors below are the same camel color that is used a lot in quarts.

First, I’ll apply this color as the eye base.

I don’t want to chase after it. It’s

been blended regardless of the heat





I like to spread it out widely



. Uh, I want to add a little more atmosphere to my lips and my lips today, so I

only emphasize the eyelashes, and I

don’t want to make the eyeliner thick, so I’ll apply mascara first.

I think I


‘ll try this product because I think the

  Clear Transparent Makeup


brown color would suit me better g It’s


like that. It seems like they advertise as if the ingredients are very good. I used mascara. When I apply it

, the money becomes very bloodshot in the evening, so are there people like me? Rather

, emphasizing the eyes with artificial eyelashes makes the doors less tiring

. It’s too red.

So I bought it because there was an advertisement like the class I was reading, but I’ll

try it. It

doesn’t hurt 255


whether it’s good or bad, the underlash takes a lot of emphasis

. It hardens 6

5 I have to think of it to mean that I have good energy, but it

hardens quickly and I think it’s really good





I’ll use it today. I want to draw it in the first half. Uh





I’ll take out the three chandeliers with a slightly droopy feeling at the corners of the eyes


Then I’ll use this color to blend the

eyeliner I made it on a ring, so it’s a bit of a street gun



I think the eye makeup is enough. Now let’s lose the mood here


. I think I’m using a new product for the first time. I bought it again, but

here’s the blush. It’s very famous.

The color I bought is marathon, but it’s a bit toned down and I was expecting an orange as it’s cloudy.

I think it’s going to be pretty in Spain


I bought this because it doesn’t suit me when I apply it on my

pink hair, so it doesn’t go well with my current hair color. As expected,

  Mute Beige Makeup


the blusher seems to be in charge of the make-up atmosphere.




Today, I don’t want to take this cut separately because I want to avoid making a sparkly expression like my heart.

I’m going to apply

my love multi fx glove

. I hope




this goes out like this


I’m going to try using that Wake Bake Deep Brown

color lipstick. This is the color. This is really it. I think it’s in bring red brick color red brown.


I use this product very well in other colors.

I bought this color here once, but

it doesn’t stick. Let’s apply

it. It seems to apply more naturally than it looks



. I think it’s fun to try it on for the first time while





filming too Dreaming of the day, I’ll see you in the promo video Goodbye

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you want to tell you

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opera opera




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