Clear Transparent MakeupAugust 23, 2021


hello everyone, this is my phone. A lot of people these days say that I wear very thin makeup when I put on makeup.


So today I prepared a makeup that is transparent yet clear and neat.

So, let’s start

. It’s always dark

, so now I’m going to change the foundation. Today it’s transparent and neat makeup. Semi-

matte 1 I’m going

to use a product that can give off a bit of transparency rather than a velvet feeling.



When using a moisturizing product, if you pat it a lot with a sponge like this, the

retention power will increase




. There are a lot of them, so it clumps up and only that part stands out.

Start really lightly, with the feeling of scraping, and here the 200

shadows are lightly pickled balls and it


‘s time to move on to [Music] Detergent shading.

I’ll try using the .I’ll try it. Some of you may

already know it because it’s so famous, but in reality, it’s a really strange

color. If

it’s famous, it’s nicknamed the number one in nose shading.


I’m sure you all know that I usually care about the fate of the features. Today, I’m going

to use this product as a base for my eyebrows because I have dark hair

like this.

Because it is a mixed feeling, it

feels like a pretty solution color with very little branching.

It comes out as a really natural shadow on the skin.


It is

said that it is possible to easily control



the dark feeling.

I like it, even if the color is roughly applied now

, I feel like my eyebrows are filled in naturally

. Use a dark colored pencil to fill in the empty areas. When

you want something softer, I think it’s good to apply it as if you only emphasized it from the center to the end.

  Denim Pop Makeup


When doing makeup with this concept, it’s good to slightly enhance the

texture of the

front part of the head. I’m going to raise it to 6v so that only the front part of the eyebrows does not close too tightly


I’ll try to use the shadow during the week by getting a neat mother point. Ameri

Step I’ll try applying the basic e44 vintage Valentine’s Day. If

you go to the American site, it boasts a representative look

called cry makeup. Among them, this color is the key color


. They create such a feeling and speak of spell power, but if you look at Keller

, there are three that will never fail. It feels like an elegant and noble rose, but

Amelie is very good at subtle colors.


The meat is

pretty if you apply two colors of Gubong’s mourning friend at the end.

[Music] It

didn’t feel like a flower pink color, but it made my eyes feel a little wet.


I think anyone can make it look like

this even when we lose it, but when we lose, we gain something, but we do it like that. We have

to announce it like that, so we’ll do Giyeon 7 together.


foul Hey

, what about smudge aggression,


starting with the part where I want the shortest color to be emphasized? Toggle wide,

what, 8 colors, stop, pretty, and


poised, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, I think it will be different depending on how much mascara you use on your eyelashes.

I don’t use mascara at the time, but I’m going to try to apply it on the top with

a clean look



This is

  Summertime Lace Look

a really good looking

kid, and while we were talking about it while filming it, it’s a

mess, but I have eyes that can be seen very well when I look at the silence. But

I personally don’t like it much other than this.

Please fill in. To improve this, our staff today said this

feeling is too shabby and good, so I won’t go with it today. Yes. It’s

good. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments.


These days, 6 Lim is like this, so it’s finally Yorick’s car, so I

’ll draw it with rim nine over ribs using the step-by-step 110 marble that I always do



Oh, I like

this feeling right now. I’m going to try using a rose color, so it

feels a little cold

again. It’s a very strange color, but

I’ll apply it. Oh, like this from the center and spread it out for the first time.


Reapply only the center one more time

. If

you reapply, today’s makeup is complete.

Now I’m going to show you how to clean the brushed brush I used today



You can say it’s a washing machine, but I tried this and I was very happy because I did not know

how the bag came out after I put it into ppl, a product that I actually use after I painted it.

This is the Yurika washing machine.


Inevitably, the products we use usually have powder,

but in the case of the gel liquid type, bacteria begin to accumulate immediately after remaining on the


It would be impossible for a member of the Tan Party. So,

you have to take good care of your brushes, but in fact, it

is often too



cumbersome. I thought

I was going to go fast, but

everyone trust me and buy it. It sucks really well, so it washes really well, and

  Mute Beige Makeup

the drying that was always too troublesome comes

right away. The components are this washing machine body

Yogi There are this pink and silicone holder that fits this brush according to the size

. 11 of these I have my measuring cup on the outside.

And in the case of a dedicated product such as a desaler or foundation, a cleanser has a

moisturizing and oily feeling. Leaving

it green can cause contamination and trouble. Especially, this new tip knows this well. I

was surprised to see this being cleaned o

I’ll show you right away if I can make you




admire It’s okay to spare him when he’s only here. Of course, if you leave him alone, there will be

friction, so we’ll know more.




every It really feels so kiltami, up and down it

absorbs well

Oh, I can feel the wind up to here I use it a lot more power than I thought It was


perfect when I expressed the web series and checked it.


The dark pink color just turned white.






I got it. It’s so soft and neatly finished.

Now, I’ll dilute this liquid again for a small brush and make 3 tablets. I


‘ll tie it up with 30mm



I don’t rinse with water again. That’s good.


For example, in the case of a gel liner brush, if you

leave it for a long time after using it, it hardens and doesn’t fit well


If you put this wash for about 15 minutes and then wash it, it will be very

clean at once.

Okay, now I’ve finished cleaning the brushes.