Chilling at Home Selfie MakeupAugust 23, 2021



Hello, Rudder Woofer is off. Ah, I don’t enjoy makeup when I go out for action in Kula these

days, but everyone on the chip shoots a lot of talk to get permission.


The first thing to do is to give a point to the eye area, and the second is

to give you the ability to give the result to the lips.

I’ll start right away.

Since the points are divided, I will move on to the skin


polo tee

the term I’m here




hu Bitnara Yoon 1 see you


upon coke


Now, starting with the eye makeup, I will give a full explanation about

the eyes this time. It’s a look that’s a little bit more undisturbed. When I usually take selfies with that feeling, I

strongly inspire me with these non-pearl-oriented shadows and

give me points with l.




de la

If you give a shadow like this, you may think that it is a bit excessive if you give it too



cheaply. I have the front of my eyes. If

you fill it in here, the flash touch ast looks really pretty. Then, you can

draw the eyeliner now.


Now I’m going to create the eyelashes, but the eyelashes are the key in the 3rd and 1st group because the feel of the photo

is different. I’ll probably stick with a few for a feeling.


Now, I’ll try using mascara. Ah yes, this is really my favorite

mascara these days, I think I have a good mascara to pick out in my life


. I’ll

try it And now, the really important thing in shell blood is that you have to draw a crash. It’s

creamy and creamy, so it’s a little different because it’s different from the hem painting. The thickness is

  Warm Transparent Makeup

[music] The

brush tastes really good


. Shall I put it in,

then I will put dots on it. The point is really

a factor that changes the impression of


a selfie when you take a selfie. Eyelids 1 I

‘ll give you the tops 2 Pets


This way, I’m done with eye makeup. Before I add color to my skin,

I’ll use powder to capture the

excess luster, especially on the nasolabial folds here.


Because it’s raining,

I don’t want to use red products that are called Doryang because it’s a rainy season


. When I take 1 picture, I use high shading.


The difference in color on the side is clearly

visible these days, if you apply an index with a natural gradation feel,





‘ll correct the line with a minor ring of too 222

I’ll try using a beige color that doesn’t feel red too much


] This is the 3rd key broadcast


na wae

Now, I’ve finished the first makeup of the Sense Tile. The second makeup I’m going to

do is to emphasize the red on the cheeks and lips rather than the eyes.

So now I’ll try removing the first makeup.

I’ll try using i’m Yoonhee’s Wild Cleansing Water ex for cleansing.

Japanese fans may have seen it on my Instagram or YouTube, but it’s a

product that the sun has discriminated against myself.

It is a product that can provide

moisture at the same time. It is said that it plays a role in preventing shine when

it comes in. Since it is made of natural ingredients, there is little irritation to the skin, so

it is a cleansing water that many people can use without burden. I will

wipe it with a cotton


I put it in, and I’ll melt even the blue of my new eyebrows

  Summertime Lace Look

. I’m a little embarrassed

because I like the cham so much, but anyway, it’s like using lip & eye remover.


So I think it would be better to use it the way




you prefer I’m going to use the liner to line the proud

part of the eyelashes with a hatched line. Uh


won, then, after something, the lines of the eyebrows are the line of the crosshair line, so you

can have it tangled and create a feeling that looks innocent and doesn’t lose clarity



I’ll redraw the seeds of Fin.Kl



Apply mascara meticulously

na seo woo They sell a bunch of them as if they were lumped when burned



I promise it to be with a flash. I have a pretty feeling when I use it. I’ll

take it in natural light the second time. It’ll come out really pretty. A

little bit of color with a cell phone.


It’s just a feeling,

even these days, you have to color it, so you can succeed

sadly Now, I’m going to draw


Those who do not have a book It’s a lot and it’s difficult, so I

‘ll just draw it with this eyebrow pencil that everyone has

Yes 2 either



Now, lastly, you only need to apply and color.





I put it together like

this. I’m going to go ahead with hair styling to finish the look. The product I’m going to use this time is

my d-sher 36-water product. The product I’m going to use this time is my d-sher 36 water.

I have a lot of my really famous

irons. There are times when it becomes a wave headquarters, and there are times when it is

a triple pool that can easily produce a wave perm. It looks like this.



Didn’t you get it? Everyone, it’s the

  Mute Beige Makeup

3rd loss, because this is what I usually use for Nucleic Acid.

Oh, so anyway, I’m happy to introduce it again today

. You said this is the Jisoo Popgon Edition.


It’s made of two layers of designed sole plates


They say it gives a very soft feel

, but I have to

say give. And the second

advantage is that the heat rises very quickly. And the really good thing is that

it has an automatic power off function after 8 hours.


I’ll do it

from the foot section But I saw ppl taking it off while looking at the sea for the first time, but I

think the color is really great, I think it’s done well

. There are people who really like it and are good at it, and there

are people who don’t know much about makeup, but because of me, it is

very diverse.



A few crabs are very thin, and

when you go out and iron them, pulling them out doesn’t work well, and it dries while turning on, so it’s best to do




it as tight as possible. What was the sound of only waves coming out?

Mathematics Yang’s sound before going to sleep. You keep telling me what you are doing, taking it underground.

Ah ah ah 30 ah ah

ah what is



I’ve completed the hair profit like this Now, I’ve finished 9 rubles like this. There

‘s a video of the pack packaging 1 king that my mom did the last time



I’ll greet you with a video



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