Charlotte Tilbury 10 LOOK Relay Campaign : The Bella Sofia LookAugust 23, 2021

9 Oh,

hello everyone. Everyone, do you know the brand called Seol Motel Bury? Cellotte Every

is a British cosmetic brand created by British makeup artist Cello Tilbury.



I’m going to show you today’s look using

Root’s only products. Now, the late Charlotte is about to launch in Korea

. As fashion suggests Sol Rock, there is an iconic Teru collection that boosts your makeup confidence


It is said that he created a route that anyone can develop confidence with with an easy product

. So, we are running a relay campaign featuring 10 different looks

, and I am honored to start as the first runner.

I’m going


to show off my own summer smoky makeup by emphasizing the gold and bronze colors a little more in this look. Dr. Bella Spie a I’ll start right now.


Before I go into makeup, I’ll apply a little elixir first

. It makes a slightly moist base while making the base makeup stick to it as if it had been pasted on with glue.



During the period, the models

receive a lot of stress and the

skin itself becomes very tired and dull. It

is a cream made to quickly change that skin in the back stage. So this

is called a backstage legend item.

After receiving the spa

, you can think of it as a moisturizer cream that makes the skin


feel moist and soft, and it makes the skin texture very smooth. It feels like it melts so quickly at the temperature,

so especially if you apply this before makeup, it literally

makes your skin smooth after just receiving the


If you apply this cream as a base and then make-up,

you can create a very luxurious glowing skin. Ugh



ah 222


I’ll try the foundation. I’ll try the Charlotte Street Airbrush Floris Foundation.

It also covers my sips very nicely, but

it fixes after a while. So it’s really good

  My Fairy Lashes

to use when I’m wearing a mask these days

. It’s a velvet matte type rather than a shiny finish.

Keller has 16 shades, but I came in today. I’m going to try it later. I

‘ll try this chalet Tilbury’s foundation brush like me







It’s a product I use to look at the lever little by little. The texture is

very smooth, but it’s also a bit similar to foundation,

so after applying it, it turns into a very soft


velvet matte look.

I’m going to try the Joule Select Tilbury Airbrush Florless Finish Powder. The weather is getting really hot and

you’re wearing a mask, so you’ll be most concerned about the makeup holding power.


It’s important,

because this powder contains sweet almond oil and rose wax

, a powder that takes care of your skin and gives your room a natural glow.

I’m going to try the Char Tilbury brush for the

4 year old brows and shading.

Here, I’m going to show you how many wheels Rubin


I’ll try to use it under The Bella Serif in the luxury palette for earning

. It came out in a color series, so it’s a loquat and a little peace color.



I think it would be good to use it according to the mood you want. What I felt while testing this was that it

had a very soft texture, and the glitter of this color was slightly changed


I’ll try it later.

Recently, as a seller Tilbury model, actress Han Seo-hee became the captain.

But it is said that the e-ter Bella Sophia palette was used again in the c pictorial in one hand.


‘m going to use the in s color in this second to show it off. I

‘ll apply it to the underline where I opened my eyes and give it points







Next, I’ll try the third

snuffy color. The one I used earlier is a deep brown color that has less reddish than the four color

  Clear Transparent Makeup

, but if I add more shade to the back of the eye with this, I’m very happy and it looks pretty.

Next, I told you earlier that you have a very luxurious glitter color

. That’s why I used a nice little glitter on the tag.

So, rather than applying this with a brush, as I told you in the Bella Sofia look video, it

‘s really attractive to apply it by hand. I can, so I put this on the

2 center side It’s not too overpowering when applied to the face, but it has a luxurious pearly feel. Uh, even

when I look in the mirror, it is quite similar to the Bella special antagonism that cellar Tilbury showed

. There is a color called No. 1 Prime.

It has curves and is a

very attractive color when applied. So I left this on purpose for the last time


. First, apply it widely with a brush like this, and then use the sports tip to emphasize the point


. I’m going

to try using eyeliner here to emphasize the business card. I

‘ll try using the Pentel color on the replay liquid eyeliner that I’m going to pull out more.

I tried this too and I was a little surprised because it’s the tip liner


When I think about it, it feels like the figurine is

running translucent as



sparkles. In Yo Fella Sofia look,


I drew a very bold ki line, so I’ll try to draw it with that feeling as







well I added a little thicker and added artificial eyelashes again






I’ll use this outstanding eyelash color to take a picture of the tail


Now, this time I’m going to call and color Robo Rae



I’ll try more Now, because the Pigmater is gently blended,

it adheres evenly to the skin without clumping even

when applied again.


There is a bit of super pearl that is inconspicuous. So when I lightly apply it

on the raised part like this, it gives a voluminous expression without the feeling of pearl shimmer. I

  'Mystique' webtoon cover makeup

really liked that part.


I’m going to use a brush that can be used with the blush of Bron and me. Now, I have only lip makeup left.

I’ll apply lipstick to create a three-dimensional lip



I’m going to try applying Penelope Pink from Charlotte’s PC.

When applied, the color develops very well, but it’s moist and has a soft cashmere-like



This is going well

1 I’ll apply it. Can you see that it is possible to create a more three-dimensional lip because there is a pigment that reflects light




I have an item for you. That

‘s a product called Rim Nuster. The

color I used is a color called Seduction. This is just right on top of 1 or 2, and it

feels really softer.

It was very

glossy. And if there is a tip for those who are worried that it doesn’t feel a little bit surprised,

close your mouth and dry and friction occurs,

so the lip gloss on the inside does not stick to the inside, so the dead skin cells are emphasized less.

be able to I think


Now, using Charlotte Tilbury products like this, I finished the article today with The Bella Square


. I am honored once again to be the first runner in the relay campaign for famous makeup artist Charlotte Beale.

It is very diverse. So,

if there is a style item that many people prefer, as well as summer smoky makeup,

I hope

that many of you will try it. It is a more song so that you can meet various products in Charlotte’s income

. Look,

look forward to the campaign for the remaining ten looks other than me. I

‘ll wrap up this video by congratulating you on the launch of Tilbury in Korea with #Lo


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