🍑 Peach crush MakeupAugust 23, 2021


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Hello everyone. This is my phone. Today’s makeup

was inspired by the refreshing Peach Crush Kke 1.

I’ll start right away

[Music] I’ve

finished the basics. It’s my turn to give you beautiful sex care.

The product is Beauty P’s Best Than Sun

Floyd product. This is a product that came out in about May, but the weapon itself is a product. That’s

why it has a really natural tone-up effect.

It’s 30

days of capacity, but you can use the sun product as soon as possible after opening it

. Most of the time, the sunblock’s function declines even after only one season of pain.


It seems to be very coarse to apply on high arms or something like this. It

is said that it contains 4 Edelweiss Protect Complex as the main ingredient,

so it has a slightly moist feeling.



fixed right away, and it’s a little

soft and it changes to a velvet feeling. It’s not heavy at all and the finish itself

feels like a very soft primer.




I think it’s a product



I really like Sean and even the fat c powder. If you

like the white and natural look, I think Givenchy foundation or powder will suit you very



I’m going to do the earrings like this. I

‘m going to apply

loose powder. I’ll put it on a small brush and apply it to a narrow area like this


I’m going to use an eyebrow product with washable burr to draw my eyebrows.

When you write upwards, you can naturally sweep them so that they become horizontal as you go to the back.


  Fresh Floral Makeup

Now, using a slightly thin Tiber eyebrow pencil, fill it with water and pray


for it.

I’ll enhance the color development

Now, I’m going to apply eyeshadow. The product I’m going to use for eye makeup today is

the glitter I’ve introduced before.



As you can see, it is composed of very natural colors


And since it comes with a glitter that can make this non-pearl in a very English-speaking way


, it is a product that can be used for a variety of looks from daily to ponti makeup. Matte Shadow The

color development is very good, and the large pearls do not flutter and have good adhesion.


Especially in the case of the biggest glitter in the heart right now, the eyes are the

main part, but on a special day, you can think about the cheeks and the body.

So I’m going to apply this product even if I’m chic today.

I’ll show you



later The gradation falls naturally along the cruise line from the back that was painted using the last coloring brush,


then I will give you the glitter color I picked up using the fourth finger tip as a whole


This medium pearl size looks really pretty under halogen lighting.

very pretty color Yes, I’ll use the largest glitter pearl

and apply it to the center of the floating center

. It’s pretty, but I think it’s because it’s too small to announce my sister Sha to the world.

And the 1st window is so good here

. I’ll make it with another product. This is a commercialized belif stick that


use now.

It’s a product that was released a while ago, but it’s a stick type, so it’s really comfortable

  kitschy kitschy ya ya makeup

to use on areas such as the underline.

It’s a product that can be made to look far away. It’s a product

that will lower it with just a click, unlike a regular stick shadow that has a lot of weight.

So when you apply it, it doesn’t get wet and it’s really transparent and


shiny. A brand called Elisha. It’s a very famous brand for its original glitter gel.

That glitter. I think you can think of it as a compressed product.

There are 4 different colors for the perm. Today I

‘m going to use this color that has the

warmest feeling. If you do

n’t have a fingertip, please do this by using a torque button.

You will be able to create such a place naturally


10% If you

drop by once, it would be great if you order it and buy it.

But I will draw it on the eyeliner. I will fill the mucous membrane with the right product, so

I will draw the entire eyeliner after excluding the mucous membrane

. Curling the next 20 lessons I’ll use the eyelash color for

mascara, I’ll try using the Peripera product.

I was recommended by everyone and these days, I’ve been using the real 1 tiger or ol bell alternately,

and it’s really better than I thought.

Originally, it was said that it was a product with a lot of word of mouth

. A new apology came out this year. The front was damaged, so I went straight ahead and

introduced it now.


It is said that it is a product that saved the curling position a little more neatly after

applying it. That’s why it has a feeling that curling becomes very clean even after applying it with a lot of force



. I think it’s a product that catches the feeling of being generous. The

  Non-smudging makeup while wearing a mask


app has a queer bracelet, so you can make it really comfortable by swiping it with an under-rush with this part



If you apply it after giving it, you will feel as if it were created by a silver guidance expert,

and you will be able to get



a clean feeling. I will fill in only the center part of the mucous membrane that was left empty after using it


. Now, the eye makeup is finished. I will create a chic lip color with two lip colors

with a feeling of 5 lights.

First, a pink color with a square feeling. I’m going to apply it strongly to the center of the cheek with a cute feeling. You can apply

it right away. I’m going to give you the home point in a narrow area like me right now.



going to use a warm color blush this time for a color that has a gradation unique to peach.

Pink is important I’m going to apply the real overlapping feeling of the part like this while living the shame and feeling


. Next, I’ll create a beggar highlighter texture so that the two colors are clearly visible.

I will

paint it with

I will apply the glitter color at the end of the mix and apply it to the most protruding part of the cheekbones


so that it becomes a point like this.

Now I will use a lip pencil to correct my lip line

I’ll apply the coral color of ,


then I’ll use a relatively cooler pink color and apply it

lightly on the inside of




the lips. Rado