✨Sparkling Dream Makeup✨ with Bitti x Colourpop CollectionAugust 23, 2021

Ah, oh, it’s the one

she built. Today, I’d like

to show you a makeup look focusing on products from collaboration

with Flutter Par Cosmetics from bt. Let’s start




I’m going to do some purple correcting for the flabby eyes.

And I’ll cover the green corrector around the nose here.

Ugh, then I’ll apply the middle color on the entire face




Picasso Brush Proof No. 08 I don’t know if it’s just me, but

sometimes after brushing my teeth, there are no people who get red in the memory part because of commissioning




But it’s really good, but if


you know the reason why the 7 cup door is so bad, please tell me in the comments.



I’ll try using 5 4 5


powder. It’s

just fixing the forecast to the extent of applying it

. You can’t use it at all. Just press and hold the wide brush.

[Music] I

‘ll put the face politics series in.

Picasso Brush No. 103 Brush 5 First, it’s Bass La


and Sonny Aka I’m going to use a water-based blending crease brush to put it on the features.



Lately, I’m using shading on the tip of my nose to give a little shadow to the tip of my nose




It’s a pass, but

first I draw the shape of the eyebrows with a pencil, and then I’ll draw the front of the eyebrows with the texture toward the ink.

  Non-smudging makeup while wearing a mask



[Music] I

‘ll lighten the color of the eyebrows a little while preserving the texture of the


eyebrows. Now there is a short-term shadow. Today I You are showing makeup with collaboration products such as Color Pop Cosmetics and Bit Yang.

So, I would like

to briefly introduce them today



. Even if you use this makeup, it’s a palette. It’s

really a

color scheme. It’s made of a warm color scheme like this, and it’s a color scheme that can

be done together from a very daily color to a party makeup or a glitter makeup that would be good to enjoy at the end of the year

. Especially

now, this is a glitter color In the same case, if you press the flower firmly with your fingertips rather than applying it with a brush,

how does it work well and the critter is expressed evenly


I will also show you a single shadow.


It is a color with

this color. This color is a beige color that gives off a dazzling light enough to be used as a highlighter





Pink and slightly beige champagne curls are mixed together,

and it is a single shadow that emphasizes a little pink color as a result of being envy and comfortably vague, but gives a very yep tone color.



I’ll give it to you

. I’ll use this color to apply it to the eyelids and the underline.

I can show you a really gorgeous makeup look using this shadow palette



I’m not going to make it too strong just to show you


Then I’ll use a slightly purple color to add some shading

  Clear Transparent Makeup


Then I’ll use this critter color to apply on the eyelids


] that Next, I’ll use the Picasso 219 brush to apply this glitter color to the underline.



Today, I want to create a slightly dreamy 1 feel

, so instead of applying the glitter in a very small point, I

‘m going to apply a wide area as if it’s falling slightly below.




I’ll apply a very slight shimmer 1 color up to this point on the winner’s corner. Uh, I’ll draw the eyeliner

[Music] I’ve

drawn the eyeliner as a basis now 9

Later, when the eyelashes are finished, I’ll draw the

lashes to match the corners of the eyelashes using Eyemi 32 5 I’m going to try

this. Originally, I tend to cut this up and put it on, but today

I’m not going to go out with this make-up because of the smell of pears, so I’ll just spit it









Uh, next, I’ll introduce the blusher. The

blush comes in 3 colors.

It’s a little toned down, a lute pink color, a

slightly bright dark pink color, or a

calm orange color. Beige color


There are three types, what do you want? I

will use the reddest color and apply it widely. I will apply it with

Picasso’s 108 brush



It’s such a texture, so it doesn’t flutter right away, but I can provoke it with a brush

like now







feels like ab pearl like

this. Next, let me show you this, it’s a color that combines three colors. It’s a color that combines orange,

  Glowy Spring makeup

pink, and yellow. And it has a bigger pearl feel than before.

It is a highlighter that can be created

with .

Today I will use this I’ll apply it by hand. It’s

small. It’s

so small. It looks so cute. No. 4

I’ll slightly correct the line with a lip liner before applying the lips. The

lip column is not left. The lips came in 3

colors like this. This is a slightly toned down coral color series. It’s a

warm color that goes well with any makeup. It’s

a light red color with a little bit of BBC.

This is a very bright coral color. It’s a very lively and cute



I’m going to use a slightly lighter color. I’ll try a two-color life.

This is a lot of questions about the texture.

You know the liquid lip we used a lot? It’s the type that doesn’t come off when touched like this

It’s a bit stuffy because it’s applied too thickly, and if


feels like it’s getting too thick the more you apply, it’ll bite you



I think I saw it


Right now, my lips are all dry. When it’s dry, nothing comes out. Yes, it comes out, but when it’s all dry, I


apply it one more time.



4 If you do this, today’s makeup is complete It’s okay

uh uh uh uh ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

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